Specialtours - Art and Cultural Tours for the discerning traveller
"This is the absolute best travel company and I would go anywhere in the world with them..."

Nicky Chapin
Organizer of regular private tour groups from New York


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Specialtours is an established leader in the field of escorted tours for museums, cultural and garden associations.

Our reputation rests to a great extent on tours to Europe featuring exclusive private visits to houses, art collections and gardens, thanks to a network of contacts established over many years. Special visits might include privileged out-of-hours access to a museum, lunch at a private home, a visit to an artist’s studio or an opportunity to see expert restorers at work in situ.

We aim to offer the perfect balance between a study tour and a holiday or vacation. In addition to imaginative and carefully-planned itineraries focusing on art, archaeology, architecture, history and gardens, we can offer walking or painting trips, wine and gastronomy tours and wildlife safaris.

Specialtours is now part of The Ultimate Travel Company. Our expertise in art-orientated tours in Europe, the Middle East and the United States is complemented by Ultimate’s experience in destinations such as Africa, India, South America and South-East Asia.

Our Clients range from a number of American museums, alumni/ae associations and garden societies, to a European cultural heritage foundation. We always tailor-make the itinerary to our client’s specific interests in order to offer an unique experience.